10 habits for success

If you want to be successful you need to focus on developing your strengths, not eliminating your weaknesses, here are 10 success habits to help you do just that.

Success in business can be a challenge if you don't have the discipline to do what needs to be done on a daily basis. Keeping focused, motivated and taking action on the activities that will push the needle forward in your business is often a struggle for creative brains, but the key is to focus on developing your strengths not on eliminating your weaknesses.

1. Project management tool

Focus: I use Asana (which is free) to manage everything from my big goals to my daily tasks. It helps to keep me organised, accountable and moving forward in my business within the timeframes I set myself. I like to think of Asana as combination of a planner, multiple to do lists, my reminder app and my calendar.

2. Morning routine

Clarity: Taking time in the morning to focus on me and my mindset before turning to my phone or laptop has been a game changer for me. I get up an hour earlier to spend some slow time with myself. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated and jam packed, it just has to provide space for self reflection and self development in some small way. I recommend journaling! I often share my morning routine in my stories on Insta if you want to see more

3. Journal Reflection

Evaluation: self reflection and constant evaluation of where you are at and where you’re going is key to success. I have found journaling to be highly effective in overcoming any mindset blocks that come up for me, keeping in touch with what I am passionate about and the message I want to share as well as uncovering the big projects that I have inside of me.

4. Gratitude

Positive attitude: Practicing gratitude in simple ways daily really helps to keep you in check with reality, it can be easy to lose sight of how far you have come when you’re only focused on where you want to be, but taking the time to appreciate all that you have achieved and all the good things in your life right now really helps to keep you positive even in the tough times.

5. Networking

Collaborate: Connecting with like minded people has been one of the most enriching elements to my business. Connecting with others keeps you accountable, keeps you actively learning, encourages you to reach out for support, prompts you to provide support, and it increases your reach and impact. Networking and collaborating can be as simple as joining a Facebook group, mastermind or simply just reaching out to others in your niche to form genuine friendships.

6. Goal setting

Direction: You need to know exactly what you want to achieve if you want to succeed. Just winging it on a daily basis will take you much longer to move forward and you will never feel like you are achieving anything. Its super important to have goals to be working towards, a clear direction. I always set a yearly goal, quarterly goals and then break these down into two week sprints so I know exactly what I need to work on daily to reach my big yearly goal.

7. Action Oriented

Keep momentum: Successful people are always taking action, even if its imperfect and messy. Any action is better than none at all. Make it your mission to take one action step daily towards your goal.

8. Educate yourself

Learning is for life: this was my head teacher’s motto and I used to snigger at the time but now I really see how true this is and how literally I have taken this motto on board. Successful people are always pushing themselves to learn more, to understand deeper, to widen their knowledge. Expand your mind as often as you can, read, listen to podcasts, take courses.

9. Push the needle forward:

Laser focus: In order to be successful you have to be productive, you have to be selective in your work activities to keep pushing the needle forward in your business. Successful people do not waste time on activities that do not serve their higher goals. If an activity is not leading you closer to your goal, don’t pursue it. You need to have laser focus only on  those activities that will propel you forward.

10. Start the day with a small win

The snowball effect: Starting your day off with a small win has shown to psychologically set you up for success throughout the rest of the day. Giving your brain and confidence a quick boost will steadily and positively impact your achievements throughout the rest of the day, like a snowball rolling downhill. A small win can be anything from, making your bed, getting up without hitting snooze! Taking the dog out for a walk….any small task that you deem to be a ‘win’, get it done at the start of the day and just keep on winning!

Remember, it’s not about not failing, it’s about not quitting. Keep going with these ten habits, implement them slowly if need be, but stick with them until they do truly become a habit, observe your success mindset begin to shift and how that impacts on your physical success in life and business. As Aristotle said… we are what we repeatedy do...