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"What if no-one shows up to my workshop?". It’s a genuine fear that can stop your from ever getting your workshop off the ground. Here are 3 tricks to make sure they do.

"What if no-one shows up to my workshop?". I hear this all the time and the fear is real and so is the possibility of no shows if you don't actively work to prevent it.Here are 3 little tricks you can implement to greatly reduce the of being the only attendee at your workshop!

Having this fear of no-one showing up to your workshops is potentially going to hold you back from even starting to plan your dream workshops.  Often people make the assumption that their prices are to blame for non-attendance and don't even consider the fact that they haven't laid the groundwork for a full house - its time to take some responsibility and some preventative action.

You can’t just create a workshop and hope for the best that people show up because you've mentioned it once or twice. You have to put some work in before the big day to make sure that they do, its part of your job as a workshop leader to get people excited, motivated and keep them reminded about your workshop.

I also want you to remember this, even though people might really want to come to your workshop, like most of us people are really busy, highly distracted and time poor. We have to guide them, nurture them every step of the way to make for certain sure that they are going to show up! We have to make it super easy for them.

There are 3 things you can do to ensure people actually show up on the day.

#1 Get them booked.

Sounds obvious, but I see so many creatives trip up here by not taking payment or deposits (I'm not even really a fan of deposits!). Leaving it open for people to just show up and pay on the day is undoubtedly going to mean you won't get the numbers you were expecting.

It’s your job to make it a complete no brainer for people to book and pay in advance. The absolute key to this is being super clear on what your workshop is about - you can’t just call it an ‘art workshop’ or ‘learn macrame workshop’. You need to get really specific, exciting and attention grabbing with it your workshop title and description. How about, ‘Art journaling: painting techniques for self care’ or ‘Macrame for Mama’s: learn to make a pair of mittens for your toddler’. Often people are afraid to be specific because they think they need to appeal to everyone, but in trying to appeal to everyone you end up appealing to no-one. Trust me on this one!

#2 Keep in contact.

In my experience keeping in contact with your people and touching base a few times before the workshop (in a strategic way!) and with a reminder the day before greatly improves attendance. The reason this works is that it keeps it fresh in their mind, builds excitement and gives them all the information they need to know ahead of time.

The aim here is to be a gentle and informative reminder, not to bombard them. I like to do this by sending out 3 key emails.

1) Confirmation email - a thank you for booking including all the relevant details (yes they may have read it on your booking form...but did they memorize it/write it down?) I also drop a hint that I will be sending an exciting Welcome Pack soon.

2) About a week to 10 days before the workshop send a Welcome Pack - this typically includes clear instructions of what is expected of them, why they need to bring, provide them with a map, a list of FAQ's - people always have questions about food and parking!

3) The day before the workshop I send a short and sweet 'I'm excited to see you tomorrow' email.

(You can swipe my exact emails in The Confident Creative Workshop Host Planner)

#3 be firm with Your price point

It breaks my heart when I see people seriously undercharging for their workshops. Undercharging for their skill and their time. I am a big believer of charging what YOU feel your workshop is worth. Not what others are charging. Not undercharging because you're new to workshops.

I've seen it so often that people let their self doubt reduce their prices, thinking it will bring people in, thinking it will mean they get booked out. They think that people are bound to come because its a good deal, its affordable, its cheap. Well here's the thing, its not value for money for anyone if they don’t show up.

In fact, undercharging is a major factor in why people do not show up. Even if these people have booked their spot, paid their deposit, or even paid in full, here's why...

Its simple. They're not invested. They’ve nothing to lose by being a no show.


1 - Get them booked: keep your title exciting, attention grabbing and very specific

2 - Keep in contact: build excitement and reduce stress

3 - Your price point: don't be tempted to undercharge

I cover these three points in more detail and provide action points for you to work through in The Confident Creative Workshop Host Planner.