Are you sabotaging your success without even realising it? Here are 5 hacks you need to implement to overcome your hidden blocks and start seeing success

There are so many mindset blocks that hold female creative entrepreneurs back from launching their own businesses and from leading art and craft workshops. These invisible blockages can really hold us up from seeing the success we want and that we are actually able to achieve.

Often times when we are faced with a big task, no matter how much we really want to conquer it, we find excuses to delay us, we put up our own barriers and roadblocks because subconsciously that’s easier than facing the fear. 

I hear so often that people have this misconception that to be able to confidently and successfully run a creative business and lead workshops that we need to be an expert - that learning more about our craft and waiting until we are well known is what will give us confidence and bring us success. But that is just not true. 

You are already expert enough. Confidence comes from mastering your limiting beliefs and feeling safe in the knowledge that you are as prepared as you possibly can be in this moment and trusting that this moment is as good as a time as any.

You would be in the rare minority if you didn’t have doubts about your ability to start a business or lead creative workshops. It is literally in our DNA to be cautious. To keep safe. But what I have discovered is that these doubts that we have, these barriers and excuses that we create for ourselves, the ones that tell us we might not be able to actually do this, despite really wanting to, they fall into 5 categories.  These five categories are: are fear of failure, money mindset, perfectionism, comparisonitis and focus.

Once you can see where your hangs up fit into these categories, and begin to understand why you have those thought patterns, why they are not serving you and how to flip them on their head, the excuses and the barriers pretty much fall away - because SO MUCH OF THIS STUFF is just in our head. 

So let’s take a look at my 5 hacks to overcome these barriers. 



Lets start with perfectionism, how does perfectionism show up when it comes to entrepreneurship and leading creative workshops?

  • Everything needs to be exactly right

  • Stressing over small details that actually don’t really matter

  • Thinking that you need to KNOW everything, understand every single part before you can take any action

Do you feel that you need to have all your ducks lined up in a row before you can do what you want to do. - have you ever tried to line ducks up in a row!? Probably not because you know that it is just not possible.

Life does not work that way, so you’re going to be waiting to launch this creative venture/workshop for a very long time if you don’t start taking messy imperfect action. 

That is my first mindset hack: take messy imperfect action now. 

It can be small steps. Maybe messy imperfect action for you, looks like just finally printing out copies of the flyer you have made regardless of whether or not you are happy with all of the fonts and images. Or sending out that email newsletter even if you feel it is not ‘perfect’. JUST DO IT. Because everyday that you are holding back, you are making it harder and harder for yourself to take the leap and secondly you are missing out. Missing out on the experience of building you business, hosting workshops, missing out on making an impact and an income. 

Money likes action - even messy imperfect action. 



I have been in that place where I have let fear of failure hold me back and it is one of my regrets. But here is what I know now, FEAR IS NOT REAL. Yup, fear doesn’t exist, it is all in our mind. The only true failure is when we give up. 

When it comes to taking the leap to turn your craft into a handmade business or adding creative workshops to your handmade business the loudest thought is often ‘WHO AM I TO DO THIS’, followed by NO I CAN’T DO THIS. I WILL FAIL.

This is just your brain’s mechanism to keep you safe. Keep you small when you know that you are meant for bigger things. This is the most ancient and primitive part of our brain, our inner cave woman operating from a place of survival mode. It is perfectly normal to have that thought. But it is a choice whether or not to listen and act from that place. Remember that your cave woman brain does not really know what it means to be living in 2019, you need to step in and teach her over time that everything is going to be OK. There are no woolly mammoths coming to your workshop to eat you alive. You have the ability to handle what does come your way. The way to do this is to be armed with all the facts and plan for as much as possible. 

Lots of things we do don’t work the first time. Will you choose to learn from that or choose to give up?

It is highly likely that you will not get everything right first time. And that is ok. You need to get comfortable with that. 

When you approach failure with reslience you are taking a step closer to success, which is what you want. You want to be moving forward not staying still, stagnant and stuck.

Another strand of fear of failure is being scared of what other people might think. This one was huge for me for some time. Its normal to seek out and to value the opinions of people closest to us. But the truth is, non-creative types often just don’t get it. They just can’t get their head around the fact that creativity IS a valuable skill set, it IS something that you can build a business on, it IS something that people want to learn and will pay money for. Some people just won’t believe in you and think you should go get a normal job!

It can be really hard to feel that you don’t have the support of your friends or family, but this is not a reason to give up. I fought this mindset in my family for years and years. I found that it helps to handle this with compassion. To understand that they are coming from a place of love and safety, they want everything to work out for you. However they are ignorant to the possibilities available to you and probably to your drive to succeed too. 

Also, as hard as this is to hear there comes a point where you have to realise that family are not always going to be the ones in your corner,  this is where like minded friends and mentors and online communities come in because they believe in you and they’re gonna be in your corner, they are the ones who are going to believe in you, who get what you want to achieve, they’re the ones who are going to support you, push you and cheer you on. 

It’s your responsibility to have some boundaries around what you will and will not accept from them and remember that there are others out there in the world just like you. Who get it. Go find them!



So many of us in our handmade businesses feel we need to be doing all the things, the Etsy shop, the website, the email list, the FB page, the new product lines and you want to lead workshops too but the thought of having to juggle it all is totally overwhelming. Right?

Here’s the thing you can’t do all the things at once, nor do you need to. If you want to lead creative workshops, then start with just one. You don’t need to offer 5 different ones to begin with. You don’t need to have elaborate 6 week workshops. You just need one. Focus on one. 

If you don’t you will feel overwhelmed, over worked, and most devastatingly you will lose confidence in your ability to do this and lose your interest in doing it. 

Working on or thinking about too many moving parts at once gives you excuses to ignore the scary stuff. You become busy doing the busy work and the important steps you need to take real action get pushed aside. Stop focusing on the little rocks and start working on the big rocks - that is what is really going to push the needle forward in your business.

What are you currently working on? (list everything, all the different types of activities you are doing in your creative business)

Can you prioritize that list? Can you delay some of the actions on that list? Where does leading creative workshops sit on your list of priorities? Does it need to move up or down? Can you outsource anything?

It is so much more time and cost effective to focus on just one thing, completing one thing, and completing it well, rather than trying to do all the things at once, and having half completed things all over the place stressing you out. 



Comparing yourself to others is emotionally draining, its a time suck and mostly a pointless exercise. But its SO hard to resist. 

We start off with good the good intentions of ‘researching’ and soon we are stuck constantly checking what everyone else is doing, how they’re achieving success, you think because they have a fancy website you need one too, because they have qualifications you need the sames ones too. You convince yourself that you need to be at their level before you can take any further action. I’m guilty of this too, but all that I gained from my hours of researching others in my niche was a feeling that my goals were so far away and un-achievable , I felt overwhelmed at all the things I thought I had to do to meet them. 

It took me a long time to realise that my researching had turned into comparing myself to others. The truth was that I wasn’t even making an honest comparison, I was comparing my fears to someone else’s success, I was comparing my starting point to someones else’s 10 year progress.  

This is how comparisonitis is self sabotaging and impacts on on progress:

It becomes a distraction and an excuse to not take action on your own priorities.

How many hours have you lost to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, going down rabbit holes of peoples work and their profiles, their followers, their websites, their blogs, their amazing photography, where they’ve been featured…..the list goes on and one. Hours and hours wasted that could have been spent on taking real action on your own work. 

Comparing yourself to others stops you from running your own race.

Your journey does not need to look like them. You are you, you have different viewpoints, experiences, goals. What works for someone else isn’t necessarily going to work for you. You have your own mission to accomplish, you need to run your own race.

We are almost always comparing our beginning or middle to someone else’s end point.

Its natural to seek out those who are doing well and are already successful, we want to be inspired by them and we want to achieve the same success. We often forget that they are ahead of us in their success when we compare ourselves to them. Comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle is an unfair comparison isn’t it!?

Comparisonitis keeps yous stuck in the research phase.

I am all for research but have the self awareness to know when the research has ended and the comparing has started. 

Comparing leads to thinking everything has been done before.

Comparing yourself to others in your niche or in the craft world in general can leave you thinking that everything has been done before. You think, oh so and so is doing that so I can’t, someone already makes that and teaches this, so there’s no point me doing it to or they’re already doing it better than me, so I have nothing to offer. Truth is there is room for everyone. There is room for you. Because again, you are you and they are them. You will make that and sell and teach that in your own way. You will add your own specialty, your own spin, just by being you. 

You don’t need to be the expert, you don’t need to know everything, have tons of followers and a fancy website. You just have to be a little further ahead of your target audience. This is where self-knowledge comes in. Know what value you bring and see where you can differentiate yourself from those who may seem “better than you.”



Talking about money and thinking about what we are going to charge people for our work, our service and our workshops is not something most of us want to do. Society largely teaches us to feel embarrassed and to be almost secretive about money. Our income is secret, our bank balance is for our eyes only and I once believed that it was selfish to want money. It seems the only time we are OK with talking about money is if we ‘saved money’ or bought something that was discounted or we got a good deal.

The reality is the quality of your money mindset can hold you back big time when it comes to your handmade business. Your limiting beliefs about money can stop you from having the impact you want to have on the world.

An unhealthy money mindset leaves us constantly confused and conflicted about what to charge for our products and services. We try and find that balance of ‘not losing money’, ‘giving value to others’ and ‘not appearing greedy’. The result is we end up under-charging and feeling under-valued. Urgh. What a waste of energy!

Here is the thing, money isn’t good or bad, its not a limited resource, or only for the rich. Money is actually an abstract belief. Money was created as an exchange medium for the value of traded goods. 

If you think about it money is just an expression of value. If you have a lot of money that means that you have created a lot of value, for other people. Money is a neutral energy that follows along with how you use it.

Instead of feeling icky about ‘charging’ for your products or putting a price on your workshop, choose to see your price tag as a representation of the value you have created for other people. If you are able to create value for others, that’s a giving personality that is something to be proud of, not to feel icky about. 

I want to end this blog post by reminding you that it is so important to understand your own mindset and hack it when necessary! Can you attribute any of your current struggles to any of these mindset blocks? Tell me in the comments, I’d love to know.

If you’re ready to start leading creative workshops to support creative business you should totally grab my free guide so you can get started today!