Income, impact, exposure, community…why wouldn’t you lead creative workshops?

There is something magical about passing on your knowledge to another human being, especially with art and creativity. Watching as they take what you have taught them and make it their own. Its a special thing to be part of that moment where something that didn’t exist before, now does. To know that you and your skills have played a part in bringing someone else’s ideas and creation to life. There is something humbling in the teaching process when inevitably you learn something from your students. I honestly think the whole damn thing is one big beautiful connection.

But with the soul-enriching element aside, why else should you be leading creative workshops? I’m so glad you asked, here are my top reasons that I believe you should be leading creative workshops as an artist or maker.


If you want to become known in your particular creative niche workshops are the key to this, here’s why. Leading workshops positions you as an expert, as the go -to person for your knowledge and skill set. It is your opportunity to prove yourself as a credible source. It only takes one workshop for people to start talking, to spread the message, to spread your message. Leading workshops gives people something tangible to hold on to, to remember you by, to keep you clear in the forefront of their mind whenever your creative topic pops up.


The more you are out and about interacting with your local or online community the more exposure you will bring to your own work. Humans are nosey people, they want to know the ins and outs of your work, how you come up with your ideas, the process of how you made that, they want to learn how to do it to. Leading workshops is a great way to show some of your processes to others (teaching others your methods doesn’t lead to competition - you can read more about that here) and give them the opportunity to purchase from you in the future, by collecting their email addresses etc. Often people who enjoy your workshops will come back for more and bring their friends. You can never have enough exposure, right?!


As creatives we crave connections with other creatives, other humans who ‘get it’, in my experience building this community around me was another unexpected but highly rewarding benefit of leading creative workshops. Surrounding ourselves with like minded people supports our creative work in so many ways, ideas sparking, networking, collaborations, speaking opportunities...not to mention it feels good to have people around who you can excitedly tell that you just bought yet another journal/paint set/craft box!

I have recently curated an ebook featuring 12 creatives (including myself!) called Creative Impacters, it is an inspiring read for anyone thinking about leading workshops, the women featured share their stories, experiences and advice and community is the common thread among them all. I highly recommend a read if you aspire to lead creative workshops.


One of the most obvious benefits to leading creative workshops is an additional income stream. Holding just one, 1/2 day workshop with 10 participants can bring in around $1000. There is obviously some planning and ground work that needs to be invested before the day, but do this once and then you can simply rinse and repeat. The same goes for online workshops, in fact these can have a much larger reach (worldwide) and require even less input from you (sales while you sleep) if set up well.


This one is huge. Impact underpins everything that I am working to achieve. I truly believe that as creative individuals we have the ability and responsibility to impact others in this world with our creativity. Especially if we have experienced the arts and creativity as a transformative vessel for self healing (which I know so many others just like me have). The wellness benefits of art is just starting to pick up pace and become more widely recognised, but there is a long way to go and I just know that as individuals we can all make a big impact, by playing a small part.

Positively changing just one persons life through a creative workshop is powerful. If that isn’t reason enough to start leading workshops right now, I don’t know what is!