7 Phases Every Successful Creative Workshop Needs

What to do and when to do it - the running order you need to follow for a successful creative workshop

There are lots of moving parts to a successful creative workshop but it can be really hard to plan them out if you aren’t even sure what they are. So I have put together a list of the 7 phases every creative workshop needs, everything you need to do and when you need to do it, for a smooth running and super successful event.

1. Housekeeping

Its super important to start here but also important to keep it short and sweet. You just want to advise of things like emergency exits, toilets, planned breaks, mobile phone etiquette, how you want to handle questions etc.

2. Introduction

This section is all about you, you get to take the floor but only for around 3-5 minutes, no longer. You can give your students a brief insight into your passions, vision, experience, skills and so on.

3. Ice breaker

I always recommend an ice-breaker, you can google some good ones that aren’t too ‘school-like’ and if you can keep it fitting with your workshop topic even better.

4. Demo

This is the first real step to the actual teaching of the workshop. Its important to clearly demonstrate each major step in what your teaching. You might want handouts with instructions too.

5. Activity/facilitation

After demonstrating the task its time for your students to have a go, your job here is to be floating around the room to assist where needed and answer questions.

You can repeat the demo and facilitation phases several times through out the workshop if needed depending on the complexity of the subject.

6. Review

Always factor in time for a review at the end, find a way to positively round up the workshop, kind of a celebration of everyone’s work - people love to see what others have created in the class and the sharing of experiences can be invaluable to each other too.

7. Feedback and next steps

Don’t forget to ask for feedback from your participants! Hand out your feedback forms and make sure to let them know what else you have coming up and how they can keep in touch.

There you have it, you can use these 7 phases as the running order when planning your next creative workshop. If you found this useful you will love my free 10 step guide for artists and makers - The Impact and Profitable Creative Workshop Road Map.